European Fandom and Fan Studies

European Fandom and Fan Studies, 10 November 2012

One Day Symposium, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
 and University of Amsterdam Department of Media Studies

Call for Papers

Fan Studies is growing but primarily focused in North America. This one day symposium at the University of Amsterdam seeks to explore the state of Fan Studies and the variety of Fandoms focussed within the broader social and geographical boundaries of Europe. Inter-disciplinary papers are invited to explore the nature of the field itself or how different fandoms function within Europe. Potential avenues of exploration may include how Fan Studies is represented, studied, and received within European universities, by funding bodies and publishers. Papers on Fandoms may explore how European (English and non-English speaking) fans of European and non-European objects of fan appreciation participate in fandom, the differences between internet fandoms and local/national/international fan practices, and the different objects of fan appreciation.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
-Transformative Works
-Fan History
-Fan Infrastructures
-Fan Charity and Activism
-Fan Cultures and Identities
-Impact on Public Policy and Industry Practice
-Economies within Fandom and/or Fan Studies
-Students as Fans
-Fan Studies within Higher Education courses
-Crossing national, cultural, and language boundaries in Fandom and Fan Studies

The symposium is associated with a special issue of the Journal of Transformative Works and Cultures tentatively slated for 2015, with full papers due January 1, 2014.

Event Details
The symposium will be held in the center of Amsterdam, easily accessible from Amsterdam international airport.

Submission Process
Please send a 300 word abstract along with a short (100 word) biographical note to Anne Kustritz ( or Emma England ( by 10 September.

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