Unveiling the Posthuman

Parution de l’ouvrage collectif dirigé par Artur Matos Alves, Unveiling the Posthuman, sous forme de livre électronique (.pdf), chez Inter-Disciplinary Press.

Présentation de l’éditeur :
What does Descartes have to do with cyberculture? Are human rights as we know then enough for a post-human being? Is our culture being shaped by technology? What does science fiction have to say about the way we perceive our future? The haunting images of science fiction and fantasy – androids, cyborgs, intelligent machines, hybrids of all sorts – have seeped out of human imagination into our culture, acquiring the tint of reality, inviting us to a new effort of interpretation. This book includes twenty papers presented at the 6th Global Conference Visions of Humanity in Cyberculture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction, which took place in Mansfield College, Oxford, in July 2011.

Sommaire :
Artur Matos Alves, Introduction

Part I Posthuman Concepts: Placing the Posthuman

Hadas Elber, Visions of Humanity between the Posthuman and the Non-Human

Elana Gomel, Posthuman Rights: The Ethics of Alien Encounter

M. Luisa Gómez Martínez, Reconceptualising Space, Place and Body: Telepresence and Locative Media in Art

Part II Gender, Sex and Bodies in Cyberspace

Raquel Botelho, Do We Really Die? Bodies in Cyberculture, Life and Social Existence after Death

Ann-Renee Clark, Cyberspace and Subversion: The Creation of Culture in Steampunk and Body Modification Cyber-Communities

Claire Cornillon, The Digital Body’s Mantra: Man and Machine in Grand Junction by Maurice G. Dantec

Tania Honey, Cyborgs in the Garden: Tales of Iden in Kage Baker’s ‘Company’ Series

Ana Makuc, Pat Cadigan’s Cyberfiction and Jessica Benjamin’s ‘Intersubjectivity’

Prasita Mukherjee, A Gravelled Path: Historicizing Feminist Utopias/Dystopias

Kayleigh Newby, Feet, Silk and Sex: The Not So Secret World of Fetish Online

Part III Fictions? Posthuman Societies and Cultures

Artur Matos Alves, Total Machine or Homelessness: The Tyranny of the Artificial and the Limits of Politics in the Posthuman Era

Chris Bateman, Orthodox Science Fiction and Fictional Worlds

Fran McDonald, Wrong Laughter: Laughing Away the Human in Richard Powers’ Galatea 2.2

Daniel Riha, Retro-Future Societies in Woody Allen’s Sleeper and Oldřich Lipský’s Man in Outer Space

Part IV Cybernarratives: Literature and Videogames

Rodolfo Rorato Londero, We See Cyborgs Differently: A Comparative Study between North American and Latin American Cyberpunk

Laura-Jane Maher, The Writing Writer: Fictional Autobiography in Claudio Sanchez’ The Amory Wars

Dolores Miralles-Alberola, Quevedo and Góngora Fistfight in Virtual Heaven: Contemporary Cyber Poetry in Spanish

Petra Rehling and Cindy Squires, Godliness in Tad William’s Otherland Series

Jorge Martins Rosa, ‘Through Other Eyes’: The Other as an Extension of the Self in Post-War Science Fiction

Adam W. Ruch, Canon and Contingency in Mass Effect

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